Over Salted and Under Spiced

Happy to be on trail!

At the beginning of my trek on the Arizona Trail I was dropped off at the Utah/Arizona border just 10 miles away from highway 89. The first few days took some getting used to. My feet ached, my pack was heavy, and I only had my swirling thoughts and creativity to keep myself entertained. Over time I started to appreciate the consistent sound of my own footsteps stomping on the dirt. They were the heartbeat to my trek on the Arizona Trail. My feet kicking up dust with every step was a reminder that I was getting closer to my goal, stronger, and - of course - dirtier. Flexibility was key and I learned a lot.

For example:

1.) Duct tape and a multitool can get you through any repair. Including when your feet start to decompose. 2.) No matter how much salt you add to food - it does not make up for a lack of spices.

Every day I woke up alone in my tent, made breakfast for one (which was usually 80% peanut butter), and walked 15 miles only to set my tent back up and fall asleep listening to the howling coyotes.

Mo, Cooper, and myself on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

Most of my hike was done alone, but for three days I was joined by two amazing friends Mo and Cooper! We hiked rim to rim of the huge frickin' crack in the earth we call the Grand Canyon. Down one side and up the other. Their company filled my soul box and it took everything I had to not steal them away from normal life to join me on the remaining 6 days to Flagstaff.

In a full circle moment I ended my hike at Highway 89 in Flagstaff. After the Grand Canyon I kept my eyes on the San Fransisco Peaks as they grew from horizon blips to ginormous volcanic wonders. Before I knew it, it was done. 15 days and two big calluses for feet later I reached my goal. The whole trip made me wonder why did we ever drive to Flagstaff when we can just walk?

I crafted this video to show the variety and beauty of the Arizona. Enjoy!

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